Peoples Choice Award (Holiday Inn) American Sandsculpting Festival, Fort Myers Beach, FL . 2008

The Title: Naughty or is Nice? (Once again Susan created the title)

The story line:

The official version (and i am sticking to it) is that this is Christmas morning, after Santa has done his global distribution thing and returned home to Mrs. Claus (who looks pretty good for being over 400 years old) to finally hear her Christmas present requests (he was rather busy with the children requests till then). What? Oh. The title. Weeell, er.. That has to do with all the naughty children not getting any gifts, so Mr. Claus brings them all home for Mrs. Claus, thus naughty children are nice for Mrs. Claus.

Surprising how many spectators at first thought that Santa was invoking the 'Mistress clause' in his contract till we set them straight. They must have misheard me saying 'Missus Claus'.

There are lots of pictures because: 1) I had lots of fun doing this piece. 2) Susan took a vacation week thus making this contest more fun that usual. 3) This is a well run event in a beautiful location making it a fun fun fun event. 4) This was a tragedy narrowly avoided as santa's chair cracked on Friday, then the crack opened up Saturday (last day) morning around 10AM, i was watching it slowly grow, so did a 'shovel party' of sand against the back and sides of the chair, as i pressed against the rear support pile, the cracks closed. Dusted them over with sand so i could see if they were reopening, but it held till Sunday evening. Rather nerve wracking watching the cracks... had to leave the piles in place, but it was fun that the collapse was avoided.

Below is our Christmas "postcard" shot (thanks Randy!!)
Below is Santa's Favorite Reindeer (Vixen of course). If you are wondering about the mouse... i quote: "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse". So how would _you_ carve that?
Here is Mr. and Mrs. Claus, with her toes curled up like that of course it is Mrs. Clause. What were you thinking?
Finally a closer shot of Mr. and Mrs. with the tree in the background