Port Angeles 'Arts in action' 2009.

The Title: Being Loved

Storyline: Another dreaded "contest with a theme", this year it was "wonders of the world" and we were told we could do personal interpretations of that instead of sticking to one of the many lists of 7 wonders of various times and places.

I was surprised and pleased to be invited back this year as the Olympic Penninsula is special place with wonderfull people. Susan and I went up a week early to spend time with Terry, Jill, Doc, Richard, et. al.

This was my first carve since surgery, the DR. gave his blessing as they use heavy equipment to lift the sand, and hoses to water it down. Poundup went fine, carving didn't. I could not twist due to the brace, and had to keep stepping around to reach areas, and it took way too long to get up and get another tool.... excuses excuses, but the pics speaks for themselves.... i ran out of time and had to block out the bottom half... and did it poorly. I was out of time and ideas....