Parksville, BC 2009.

The Title: Olym-Pictures (Was a themed event: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, but you can't write Olympics)

Storyline: Not much, just a poke at the papparazi. But the other story was a good one for me, you are allowed 8 hours to do the poundup, and you cannot carve during those 8 hours, so it was a great event to test out the back. I was very pleased, finished pound up in 6 hours with no major change in pain level. I figure i won the event as being able to do a pound up and move around the pile only slightly slower than usual made it a great victory. It is also great contest, love the town and people. And i get to see my buddy brettstocker.

A big thanks to Fred Dobbs whose exclamation gave me this idea during poundup, so i save the hockey idea for another contest.