Sand Castle Days 2008.
Second Place.

The Title: Dang Gophers

The story line: This one came from my real life.... dang gophers (AKA. 'The Bastards') have been making a mess of our yard since putting down sod. No matter what i do they work around my traps and murderous attempts at their lives and keep finding ways to eat those succulent roots, thus killing the grass and leavinig behind ankle traps in the form of tunnels. In the cartoonishly carved depiction below, i have an old bubba like farmer falling asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

The little bastards are clowning in front of his sleeping form, tearing part of his hat off, eating his lunch, plugging up his shotgun, etc.... with another group of gophers watching the antics. Thanks to Rusty for suggesting the teeth marks in the hat after it collapsed....

Here is the spectator crowd, along with the little bastard holding up his prize of the brim of bubba's hat... the foreground is bubba's garden he was supposed to be protecting till he had a few too many beers. The stumps were meant to be what the bastards already ate...
Here are a few more of the bastarts tormenting him... one laying in front of the gun doing a "nyyyaa nyyyaa can't shoot me", another plugging up his shotgun, the third messing with bubba's cooler.