Sand Castle Days 2003 4th place, peoples choice.

It was a great experience to compete on my home turf with the confidence developed from all the coaching in duo and team events over the past year. This contest celebrated one year as a master: last years Sand Castle Days was my first solo master competition.

The goal this contest was to work on figures, so chose a piece with three faces, and a couple partial figures. Some of the proportions were very wrong (short legged, large hand woman, sort of a mix of human and simian form), but still ended pleased with the piece, learning lots along the way.

The Title: MAD About the Piano

The story line:
Piano player going crazy, he is just plain Mad About (playing) The Piano (done in cartoon style).
Man and Woman listening to him play, she becomes Mad About The Piano also (or perhaps the player).

After drinks (empty shot glass near her chair), she climbs up on the piano, losing a shoe in the process, and dreamily reaches out to the player... (do those curled toes indicate an emotion?), thus leaving her date alone at the table, depressed and MAD About The Piano.
..........or something like that....

I get a kick out of this picture, it was not an easy piece to get the whole story from a single picture, but Dennis Barret took this one, apparently from a ladder. Nice job, as it shows the interactions of all three characters.

It was taken on Monday, or perhaps Sunday after the plot markers were removed, when people could touch the sculptures to 'prove' to themselves it is just sand. Note the difference from the above pic.... Someone stole the two glasses from the table (and tried for the shoe.. breaking it). How amusing. Wonder what they planned to do with them?